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Of Lake and courts and whistle blowers

May 23, 2023

Those caught up in MAGA see some equivalency between themselves and those outside. They have their own narratives. Other people have theirs. They have their own whistle blowers. They have their own evidence. They have their own media. If someone reads superficially, MAGA might seem not much different from other political viewpoints. Especially on social media. “See? We’re not a cult.”

Hiram_EdsonThat pretend equivalency doesn’t play well in the American legal system. Courts ask specific questions. They have rules of evidence. Narrative argument must be built on evidence presented, and evidence must be relevant to the question at issue. Witnesses and evidence are examined by both sides.

All of which is kryptonite to MAGA bullshit. When actually examined on the stand, Kari Lake’s own whistle blowers and own expert witness undermined her remaining claim about Arizona’s gubernatorial election being stolen. So it comes as no surprise that she has lost at trial.


MAGA actors generally lose in the courts. Again. And again. And again.

Yes, I have every expectation that I will write future versions of this post, as more MAGA leaders face their own day in court. Photo shows Hiram Edson, who gave the Millerites a way to keep believing, after the Great Disappointment. Which serves as one of many examples that group stupidity was a problem long before social media.

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