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The MAGA road to prison

March 21, 2023

Most of those present at the Capitol on January 6th just milled around, without getting arrested. Most who did get arrested faced minor charges such as trespass. Those charged with serious felonies fall into two groups.

SingSing_02First, there are the members of militias that came with the intent to overturn the election. A second traunch of Oath Keepers were convicted two months back. They are facing years in federal prison. Note that some of those convicted never entered the Capitol. Someone who acts as part of a criminal gang can be held culpable with their colleagues, even when they personally weren’t in the forefront of the action. (And just now, a third traunch of Oath Keeper are convicted.)

Second, there are individuals whose own acts rose to serious crime, especially those who planned violence. The retired Air Force officer who came with zip ties to take captives was sentenced to two years. A Marine Corp veteran who assaulted police officers was sentenced to five years. A Texas man who afterwards made a death threat against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was sentenced to three years. A North Carolina man who assaulted police officers was sentenced to three and a half years.

They all had one thing in common. They believed MAGA lies. Both about the election and about the nature of American politics. As millions still do. Trump now is rousing those rubes to protest the likely indictments he faces. Let’s hope some of them are starting to get a bit smarter.

If you’re trying to keep a scorecard of the various criminal investigations implicating Trump, here is a handy summary. There are other civil actions. If you want to pin that volume on anything other than his rampant dishonesty, get a bit smarter. Photo shows Sing Sing prison some decades past.

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