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This is a journal in the old-fashioned sense: items I want to memorialize for my own interest, spare thoughts, links to articles I find interesting, maritime tidbits, commentary on science and philosophy, and other flotsam and jetsam. Anyone who follows along for a bit is welcome, but don’t expect this to become anything other than a personal … cuddy. It’s public only because I have no shame. The banner shows Corpus Christi, from the bay.

I have worked forty years as a software engineer, largely for small companies, as a contractor and serial entrepreneur. Most of that was in Austin, though some in Rochester, New York, and other venues. In the first internet boom, I was one of the founders of ClickFeed which morphed into StoredIQ which eventually was acquired by IBM. Though it generated some interesting software and provided man-centuries of high-tech employment, it did not, alas, make its founders rich. Most recently, I was a founding employee and now Chief Architect for Caringo.

— Russell Turpin

You may email me at:, making the humanly smart substitutions. Which gets my attention faster than using my linkedin profile.

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