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It’s not sexism or racism or stupidity…

If the only thing that counts as sexist is a willingness to say, “I am biased against women,” then it would be true that there is virtually no sexism remaining in the US. Such overt statements are now culturally unacceptable, so people don’t say such. Instead, they will make silly assertions about the nature of women and men that justify everything from their recreational practices to their hiring decisions. So I am not at all surprised that researchers at the Harvard Business School found the latter and not the former. One of the writers at Lawyers, Guns, and Money rolls their eyes more than me.

If the only thing that counts as a racist is a willingness to say, “I don’t like blacks,” then it would be true that there is virtually no racism in the US. Few people say that, because our culture now makes it seem silly or stupid to say that. And if they are trained not to say that, many on the right also are taught when to interject, “what about black-on-black crime?” And when to exercise a broad variety of false equivalences. And to view Breitbart as a reasonable media outlent. And how to carry false grievances. So they’re not racist — of course not! It’s simply objective fact that white people are under attack in this country.

Heck, the only group that suffers more persecution are the Evangelical Christians.

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