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Officeholders pushing the Big Lie

February 27, 2023

On the heels of the Dominion motion revealing the intentional lies of Fox News, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes releases reports summarizing investigations into the 2020 election in that state, undertaken by that office under her predecessor:

Despite Arizona Attorney General Office (AAGO) agents and support staff spending over 10,000 hours investigating voting irregularities and alleged instances of illegal voting by high-profile election deniers, a September 2022 summary prepared by AAGO’s Special Investigations Section stated: “In each instance and in each matter, the aforementioned parties did not provide any evidence to support their allegations. The information that was provided was speculative in many instances and when investigated by our agents and support staff, was found to be inaccurate.”

Despite the fact that former AG Mark Brnovich’s own investigors were showing the Big Lie to be bogus, he went out of his way to give the public appearance that something terribly wrong had happened in Arizona’s election.

That official malfeasance likely isn’t criminal. But, Brnovich is admitted to the bar. He now faces professional risk because of his deceit. Alas, he can expect that to forward his standing in MAGA politics. Despite any professional sanction. Maybe more, if it comes. As Vince McMahon’s biographer explains, MAGA politics is all kayfabe.

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