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The unfolding

January 5, 2022

The first attempted coup by a sitting president doesn’t have a true anniversary. Trump made ongoing efforts at overturning his election loss from the time close states certified their results. An article at The Bulwark points how close he came to succeeding. January 6th was just the denouement, when all else had failed. Approaching that anniversary, the NYT editorial board joins arms and pisses into the wind. We can hope, in the new year, that the criminal prosecution of those involved works its way from the dupes and pawns up to some of the leaders. Perhaps Garland’s speech today will hint at ongoing  investigations. But would seeing their leaders prosecuted and their lies exposed much change the cult that Trump rode to power? That seems unlikely. Stephen Marche, a Canadian, explores some of the uglier possibilities in The Next Civil War, speculative fiction on how this unfolds for the US. Or rather, on how the US unfolds. Though he hits quite accurately when interviewed, I’m not eager to read that book.

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