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They want a bully

May 15, 2023

Paul Waldman pegs how Trump enthralls his MAGA following. I urge everyone to think on that.

David Rothkopf writes similarly:

The MAGA-ized GOP has only gotten more outrageous… which is to say more committed to the politics of outrage, to obliterating norms of decency, as the signature activities to which they devote themselves. They do it because their base is angry. They do it because it drives social media wild. They do it because they have no ideas and their leaders are profoundly immoral, disgusting people.

The MAGA crowd is invigorated by the same behavior that repulses anyone honest. The same behavior. The rest of us need to keep in mind what game they are playing and to call it out. Don’t let them side step.

Zelenskyy is not fooled by Trump’s bluster.

Parroting the master of lies, George Santos goes on the offensive in response to his own federal indictments, labeling the investigation a “witch hunt” and using it as opportunity to attack his political opponents. Unlike Trump, Santos hasn’t yet won the devotion of MAGA. He clearly is paying attention to the techniques, eager to learn.

Both master and student may discover that however much those tactics are useful in currying a cultic following, they don’t serve well in court.

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