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Making Attorneys Get Attorneys

March 9, 2023

Stefan Passantino now is facing a complaint seeking his disbarment, for how he steered Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson in her testimony to the January 6th committee. Seemingly, he didn’t view it as a lie for her to claim not to recall something she in fact recalled. His sliminess is unsurprising, given that he was Trump’s ethics lawyer.

Another former Trump attorney, Jenna Ellis, is lucky to get off with a mere censure, for her lies in pushing the Big Lie.

I hope some legal scholar is keeping a list of all Trump attorneys who have been censured, disbarred, or convicted, from their work for him.

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  1. Douglas Rothkopf permalink
    March 9, 2023 8:57 am

    Among lawyer and scholars a public censure is not a trivial matter. It will be taught in law school and cited in ethics classes

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