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Medication abortion soars

November 21, 2022

Unsurprisingly, abortion by medication acquired from out of state has soared in the states that have banned abortion:

In a study released last winter, Aiken found a spike in requests for self-managed abortion through Aid Access after Texas banned abortion at six weeks in September of 2021. During the first week after the ban, the average daily requests in Texas increased by 1,180 percent over baseline—from 10.8 to 137.7 per day. One of Aiken’s studies released last winter found that 96.4 percent of those who used abortion medications purchased from Aid Access reported successfully ending their pregnancy without surgical intervention.

This will have consequence on several fronts. First, it obscures abortion statistics. The research letter providing the statistics above looks at just one such source. There are others. Unlike for a known set of clinics providing surgical abortion, there is no way to enumerate them, much less collect and aggregate their statistical data. (Look to some of the links right, if you need to find a source.)

Second, it expands the use of telemedicine for a significant procedure, amplifying a medical trend already in progress. That larger trend will change both how medicine is practiced and what people expect from it.

Third, it is a practical step in the legal game now unfolding between the prohibitionists and those seeking reproductive liberty. Providers who are out of state are protected by laws where they reside. Prosecutors can and will turn on the women who abort. Which should cause them and their friends and their families to take a variety of precautions. The conflict between women pursing reproductive liberty and the moralists who would deny it goes back to the early years of this nation.

The safest thing for any young woman is to live in a free state rather than a red state. Those considering college or professional school or other pursuit involving a move would be well advised take that into account in where they look.

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  1. Douglas Rothkopf permalink
    November 21, 2022 9:13 am

    and any young man, as well.

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