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Russia, Ukraine, and the US

November 15, 2022

Everyone sees politics mostly from the perspective of their home, and Americans moreso than most of the world. Jim Rutenberg writes an article explaining how Russia’s support for MAGA always was tied to their policy goals regarding Ukraine. Putin no doubt finds it convenient that MAGA aligns with the ideological message he pushes: the ultra-nationalism, the historic destiny, the traditional values. I doubt he personally is any more an ideologue than Trump.

Russia news spun the US election in much the same way as the red media here. Yevgeny Prigozhin, one of the Russians indicted by the Mueller investigation, is more publicizing his intent. Perhaps he has larger political ambitions?

The Democrats keeping the Senate was first and foremost a win for American democracy and a blow to MAGA. But also a win for Zelenskyy and a loss for Putin.

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