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Matagorda channel expansion

September 15, 2022

Though Matagorda Bay gets its share of barge traffic, it doesn’t have the channels to handle the deep oil tankers. Those go to Corpus Christi. The inland waters nearby mostly serve shrimpers and recreational anglers. Port O’Connor is a small village on the ICW. It has a boat ramp that is quite busy, and a bait store, but doesn’t have a public marina. A few private slips for shrimp boats. The lucky boat going down the ICW can rent a private slip for a night or two.

I like Texas’s inland waters. Two years past, I berthed in Port O’Connor delivering a small Cape Dory to Corpus Christi. About then, Midstream Partners had purchased an oil terminal nearby. It wants to exand. Some locals concerned with those inland waters are calling foul on what all that dredging and ship traffic might do. The expansion has been delayed while both sides prepare for court.

Most of the residents on the Texas coast lean right politically. So far right they could be doing a side plank. Their automatic response to environmental concerns is that it all is far left nonsense. Except when it affects their fishing grounds or the waters in front of their vacation home. Then it is something different. There is nothing wrong with environmental concerns coming to for the forefront when they are in one’s own waters. But all environmental concerns are local to someone.

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