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Boomerang bullshit

July 19, 2022

MAGA conspiracy theories target all sorts of people. Sometimes even their own. Erie, Pennsylvania postmaster Robert Weisenbach was a Trump supporter. That did not help him when he became a convenient cartoon villain in claims that he was backdating ballots. He now is sueing Project Veritas for their role in propagating that. He joins dozens of other individuals and companies who have been defamed as part of Trump’s Big Lie.

One of the more absurd MAGA conspiracy theories is that January 6th was a false flag operation, and that if only the screws could be put to Ray Epps, he could explain how the FBI planned it all to besmirch Trump. Threats and harrassment have forced Epps to go on the lam.

I wonder if Weisenbach will realize that he is in much the same situation as Ruby Freeman? Or if Epps will consider the many thousands of other innocents the MAGA cult has persecuted? Will either see that they are suffering from the same bullshit that they believe and help propagate? That they are suffering because of the rest of the cult doing what they once did? The self-harm from their political alignment is obvious to anyone outside the cult. Seeing it may be a step too far for those inside. Even when they are the ones hurt.

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