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The coup’s aftermath, part 2

November 8, 2021

John Eastman, who penned some of the casuistry behind the coup attempt, makes an amazing effort to separate himself from what he wrote and said. Lawyers should notice how those who worked to help Trump are ending up on the wrong side of disciplinary actions, disbarments, and lawsuits. Giuliani may be narrowly correct that a lawyer isn’t responsible for personally investigating the claims he makes. I suspect he will discover that he is responsible for having them investigated, even if that means someone else does the actual work. “A lot of people are saying” doesn’t hold up in court. It shouldn’t hold up as evidence anywhere.

It is quite in keeping with local culture that Dallas real estate agent Jenna Ryan, after being arrested for participation in the January 6th insurrection, boasted:

I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail.

She is going to jail. Well, prison. I doubt that will cause her to reflect much on how much she was duped.

The Department of Justice argues the veterans who participated there as acting more egregiously, because they should have known better. Which is why you sometimes punish your eleven year-old more than your five year-old, for the same misbehavior. Alas, there are examples where those veterans act more like five year-olds.

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