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Vaccine kudos

June 10, 2021

Kudos to everyone who helped make the plan to distribute a half-billion Pfizer vaccine doses globally. That should save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Kudos to the Houston Methodist hospital, for requiring its employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Johns Hopkins is following suit. That is the right thing for hospitals to do, for three reasons. First and foremost, hospitals should not risk that their patients, some of whom will have immune disorders or other relevant conditions, are exposed by their workers to a disease in the area for which there is a good vaccine. Second, hospitals are rightly concerned about the additional risk their employees face by virtue of working in a hospital. Third, hospitals should lead on public health practices. People rightly expect that hospitals are following the highest standards to stem the spread of disease. We do not expect that in a coffee shop or in a big box store or at the corner convenience store or in most other places we encounter workers. We should expect it in a hospital.

Alas, Houston Methodist has had to suspend workers who refused. Some of whom are suing. That reads like the claims were written by someone who should have been flunked from law school, representing clients who should have been flunked from biology.

Update: The workers’ lawsuit was punted out of court.

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