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More vaccines, please

June 3, 2021

Takeda, a large Japanese pharmaceutical company, announces that its dengue vaccine remains effective after three years. As that article explains, dengue exhibits antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). Those who have had it once carry the worry that a second infection likely will be worse. If this vaccine continues to prove well, that will be good news for my acquaintances who live in tropical areas where the disease is rampant. Maybe Takeda will tackle chikungunya next.

Those who work in community service, from medical providers to law enforcement, face a large problem in people who are not only ignorant about some kinds of risk, but who dig into their stance, convinced that they know more than those with some experience. That kind of stubborn stupidity kills in everything from wilderness settings to urban catastrophes. And in epidemics. It seems especially senseless when those who themselves work in community service succumb to it. Perhaps that deputy’s attitude stemmed from crazed politics. Likely, he never studied statistics. Yet he knew better than the damned elites! I hope all my family and acquaintances in law enforcement, whose jobs put them at higher risk, jumped to get one of the Covid-19 vaccines at first opportunity.

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