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The cult continues to fight

May 31, 2021

Stephen Richer explains why the current Maricopa audit is nothing more than madness at the helm. Read it first before thinking to comment on what is happening there. Second, read what Jennifer Morrell saw on the ground.

It will be interesting to see how the Arizona Senate wraps that up. If the auditors conjure the desired result — that Trump won! — the Senate knows that running with that simply discredits them. If the auditors fail to conjure that, those who pushed for this exercise will have failed their supporters. Under ordinary times, that bind would have prevented the Senate from sponsoring such a partisan and deranged exercise. We do not live in ordinary times. Given the current cult-like nature of the GOP, running without credibility is no hindrance. It even helps. No one should fool themself, that the 2020 election cured what ails this nation. It only provides a short period of respite.

Richer’s article adds to the interesting material that is being penned the last few years by  conservatives with enough integrity to look at the cultish nature of their movement and reject that. It is strange to me that someone who wrote it could vote for Trump. But, politics forces odd compromises. I made sure to allow for that category when describing Trump as a test case.

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