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Should insurrectionists lose their veterans benefits?

March 25, 2021

Congressman Ruben Gallego, a Marine Corps veteran, wants Veterans Affairs to remove the benefits from active and former service members who participated in the storming of the Capitol this January. It’s easy to understand the logic that those who rebel against the US government should no longer be viewed as its veterans in good standing. The opposing argument is that these benefits are rewarded for service past. Veterans who commit murder and other serious crimes still retain those. More, we should be leery of making the long-term benefits from work dependent on good behavior. While I understand Gallego’s desire to separate service members who would never do such a thing from those who did, I’m not convinced his is a wise move. Though I might be persuaded, if I knew more the precedent.

Charge them. Convict them. Punish them. Treat them as criminals.  And, anyone still in the service, the reserves, or law enforcement who participated should be drummed out for cause and dishonor.

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