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The crazed and the cancelled

February 23, 2021

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp declares that the theme of this year’s CPAC is “America uncancelled,” and damns “the grossness of our cancel culture.”

CPAC just cancelled planned speaker Young Pharaoh. I suspect he had been attractive to them because of the conspiracy theories he shares with Trump supporters. That also is what makes him reprehensible. They cancelled him only because they just realized some of those are antisemitic.

Mallard Fillmore thinks there is some equivalence between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Marjorie Taylor Greene. There isn’t. I disagree with some of AOC’s policies. Some might find her personally off-putting. Still, I suspect I could sit down with her and have a serious conversation about policy, tactics, and other matters of politics. However much we disagreed on such issues, we could discuss the why of that and figure out where our commonalities were.

The chief criticism of Greene is different and darker and more fundamental: that she propagates absurd conspiracy theories. That makes her policy views largely irrelevant. There is no reason to think she is capable or interested in thinking about those in any reasonable fashion, or that her views on those wouldn’t turn on a dime from irrational cause. Any conversation I had with her, my chief interest would lie in discovering the extent to which she advocates those conspiracies cynically and dishonestly, and the extent to which she is batshit insane. Honest conservatives recognize that separating themselves from that crazed element now is the chief issue facing them. Which is why they refuse to ally themselves with people like Greene.

CPAC has put itself on the side of Greene and Trump and delusion. I doubt John Thune will be welcome there this year — he has been cancelled.

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