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A sliver of sympathy for Ted Cruz

February 19, 2021

Ted Cruz earned a modicum of respect from me during the 2016 GOP primary, when alone among the Republicans running, he called out federal ethanol mandates as a sop to the corn industry, and when he damned Trump as a pathological liar. He was quite correct in both cases. He lost that respect in the four years following, when he turned himself into a Trump toady. At the moment, he is catching a lot of flak for bugging out to Cancun during a winter storm that has left many in Texas without power.

It is true that Republican politics in this state fostered power utilities that are managed for short-term profit, that let them duck the cost of preparing for a cold snap, despite decades of warning, and that kept them free from federal oversight which might have prevented that. But, that should make a person pissed at Republican politics in Texas, not at Ted Cruz personally. And he isn’t going to do anything for Texans having returned here, that he couldn’t do while sipping a margarita in a Cancun resort. The image is bad and easily bent to satire. Beyond that, there was no crime, no wrong doing, no real scandal. In that story, the real cad is the anonymous false friend of the Cruz’s who shared Heidi’s text messages with the media. I hope none of my friends would do such a thing for so little reason.

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