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Clarification and conspiracy

February 5, 2021

Let’s be clear why Marjorie Taylor Greene is unqualified for any Congressional committee and should have been expelled from Congress: it is because she pushes conspiracy theories, from space lasers setting the forest fires in California to the notion that mass shootings are staged. Those conspiracy theories imply dark forces that control America. And are utterly deranged.

Similarly, the reason Trump should be convicted in the Senate for his role in the Capitol storming is because it was part of his effort to derail the legitimate process of recognizing Biden’s electoral victory. That was the goal for his big lie that he won the election. Had that coup succeeded, Trump still would be in power, and Americans would have lost our constitutional democracy. It is scary how close it came.

A common theme now in the right-wing media is to pretend they don’t see those charges. They defend Greene and Trump by huffing that many congressmen have uttered heated rhetoric that could be taken as supporting violence. And while there is valid criticism against such rhetoric, and valid defense that heated words are not uncommon and sometimes justified, pointing to it in these cases is an attempt to obscure. The issue with Greene and Trump is not merely that their rhetoric led to violence. Rather, it is that they routinely propagate conspiracy theories intended to undermine legitimate, representative government.

Alas, for some, the way to defend conspiracy theories is with more conspiracy theories.

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