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Cellular biology

January 6, 2021

The eukaryotic cell is a fascinating thing, not the least because it is the building block for every living thing you can see with the naked eye. It has a complex internal structure, with the organism’s “source code,” the DNA, kept inside the nucleus, protein synthesis done by separate organelles, and machinery to carry pieces of genetic code as needed between the two. There is still much unknown about how different tissues regulate their proteome. Young science nerds would do well to take a course in cellular biology. I worry about senescent cells when realizing that it was forty years past that I did so.

I am not surprised when I see the people who haven’t studied biology propagate the notion that an mRNA drug alters the DNA. They speak from rank ignorance. But it does surprise me when a pharmacist falls for that conspiracy theory. Are they not required to study some cellular biology? Or in this case, did his belief in various conspiracy theories just override whatever he might have learned from that?

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