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“..a decent respect to the opinions of mankind..”

November 9, 2020

When I was young, Germany’s democracy was young. I never dreamt that one day it would be the wiser, more liberal folks there who provide caution to Americans, whose democracy has gone askew. Like the other liberal democracies, they now are celebrating the defeat of Trump, with bells and fireworks. I too am relieved. Of course. Not yet elated. I agree with Zeynec Tufekci that America was largely fortunate that its populist right got a Cheetolini. But that movement still is potent. What if its more competent Mussolini is waiting in the wings?

The EU has its own governments that have turned to right-wing populism. Viktor Orbán predicted that Trump would win, and much wanted that. Hungary and Poland now have to face EU action with one less ally abroad. The photo shows a pro-choice protester in Poland.

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