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November 3, 2020

Amongst all the prognostications, I have stumbled across one good article on hope, written by a never-Trumper.

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  1. Laura A permalink
    November 3, 2020 4:53 pm

    Well, I am not so optimistic or romantic any more. After all, BushW won re-election handedly after starting 2 wars (still ongoing), one of them under false pretenses, and making torture great again, and saying he was compassionate. Ha! He crashed the economy on his way out, thanks to decades of de-regulation. He was so bad, Obama got a Nobel Peace prize just by not been Bush!

    And what did Americans who support BushW do? They gifted us Trump.

    Though I feel good about a general anti-racist awakening in the public at large, and an apparent enthusiasm for voting among the young, I don’t have reason to believe it will materialize, much less last into the many elections that would be required to undo all of the GOP/Trump damage.

    Americans have a short attention span and the system is AGAINST the majority of voters in this country. It is hard to register to vote: you have to re-register every time you move (common among the young and the poor, the homeless, those how come out of prison, those who move for work.) It is hard to vote: it takes time away from work, you have to time your absentee ballot just right if you are not in your district (for travel, illness, family, student reasons,) politicians are hard at work closing polling places, shortening early voting times, breaking the mail delivery system, demanding ever more difficult ways for you to prove it is you. And to top it al, it is not certain your vote will count even when you did everything you were asked to do. Depending on where you live, you vote may not be counted. And whether it counts is a legal battle you have no say into.

    I will believe the Longwell’s prediction when I see it.

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