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“Do your research!”

October 15, 2020

QAnon is one of those cults whose beliefs are so deranged (youtube), that like Scientology and those who believe in lizard people, the only serious questions raised are about the psychology and sociology of it. One of its component conspiracy theories is that Osama bin Laden wasn’t killed, and that the Obama administration staged that, including the deaths of American soldiers and killing of a body double. Yesterday, disappointed that his own Department of Justice failed to find anything to the fake unmasking scandal he once hyped, Trump touted that QAnon conspiracy theory.

It should go without saying that this kind of lie is far beyond normal behavior, far outside what we would expect from a politician on national stage or even just someone not crazed. Alas, we live in an era where that has to be said, because Trump supporters want so hard to pretend that it is mere politics that divides us. We left that behind when Trump took over their party.

Update: Savannah Guthrie went after Trump for this. Anyone who thinks his response (youtube) is anything other than a bullshitter’s evasion is themselves lost.

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