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October 13, 2020

Mike Godwin, a contemporary of mine from the University of Texas, explains why Tyler County’s pornography prosecution of Netflix will fail. The cause of the prosecution is Cuties, a Netflix movie portraying a Senegalese-French family living in a poor suburb of today’s Paris. Purely from religious commitment, the mother supports her husband’s plan to bring home a second wife. Their tween daughter Amy, the protagonist, pursues popularity with schoolmates, partly as an escape from her home life.

The movie could be seen as an argument for French President Macron’s recently proposed law requiring all children to attend secular schools, to prevent the rise of “parallel society” in France. Critics — of Macron, not the movie — claim that he is trying to pull the teeth of Islamophobic challengers from the right.

Americans are taught to hail our 1st amendment as guarantor of free speech. It’s interesting, though, that the cases routinely testing it so frequently involve books and films that were created and published first in Europe. Photo shows Joie de Vivre, in Trocadero gardens.

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