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The relocation business

September 8, 2020

In Japan, there are companies that help people who want to leave their current life situation:

From inescapable debt to loveless marriages, the motivations that push jouhatsu to “evaporate” can vary. Regardless of their reasons, they turn to companies that help them through the process. These operations are called “night moving” services, a nod to the secretive nature of becoming a jouhatsu. They help people who want to disappear discreetly remove themselves from their lives, and can provide lodging for them in secret whereabouts.

That may seem odd to Americans, where making that kind of life change is more common and more accepted.

There also are companies that help wealthy Africans — and I suspect not just Africans — get passports to Caribbean nations. Those like St. Lucia, whose passports provide Schengen entry, are finding that lucrative trade. I suspect these days that is better than the commonwealth nations. I wonder if EU ever will decide to bypass the middle man? I can imagine security reasons to do that.

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