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A crook, his mouthpiece, and the clown

September 4, 2020

With the disclaimer that I am not a lawyer, I nonetheless feel competent to say that you likely will run afoul of it, if you take merchandise from a store without paying for it, or if you set fires to buildings you don’t own, of if you get drunk and start a fight with the barkeep, or if you try to vote twice in the same election. Some of the basics are not so hard. Attorney General Barr pretends ignorance of that not because the law is so subtle or so difficult to discover (thanks, Ted Lieu!), but because he lies to protect his boss. The clown’s defense of her boss is that we just shouldn’t believe our own ears as to what he said.

Rex Huppke chases down the nonsense about a plane full of antifa thugs. It turns out that it is Marx’s fault that I usually find myself in boarding group seven.

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