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Conspiracy theories and child abuse

August 17, 2020

Annie Reneau explains how conspiracy theories from Pizzagate to QAnon waste the resources of the private and public organizations that fight child abuse and sex trafficking:

The main problem is this: When you conflate the actual issue of child sex trafficking — which is absolutely real and serious and deserves our attention — with totally off-the-wall, debunked conspiracy theories, it causes people to put their energies in the wrong places. The Polaris Project, a national organization that fights human trafficking, had to release a statement asking people to stop calling about Wayfair because it was overwhelming the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

If you’re concerned enough about a problem to speak and act on it, that ought to drive you to learn and keep learning the facts related to it. Acting from ignorance — or worse, on baseless nonsense spread by the unscrupulous — does more harm than good.

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