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The party of the trolls

June 26, 2020

A group of Trumpistas who objected when Palm Beach County put some mask rules in place took advantage of the public forum to troll, and are getting international attention. They demonstrate all the attributes of the modern GOP: reliance on nonsense and conspiracy theories, uber-patriotism, a cartoonish notion of political rights, their god shining down on it all, and zero recognition of how stupid and mean that all is. There are people like that in all nations, of course. Ours have won their own political party. Their King Troll tells them the recent upswing in the disease doesn’t matter, and blames the media for not focusing on the fact that Covid-19 mortality hasn’t yet followed the surge in cases. Yet. Regarding America’s distinctive failure to control this disease, his advisers just shrug. Given their target audience, why not?

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