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June 24, 2020

What made A French Village so much more watchable that most war movies is that the characters don’t seem to know the future, and have plausible, individual motivation and circumstance that runs independently of the great political divisions of the day. Some of the main characters move back and forth between cooperating with the Vichy government and working with the resistance. The series shows well how those labels grow harder in retrospect, for the sake of post-war politics.

The current US government is headed by a conman supported by his cult following. The deep state so far has kept it somewhat on an even keel. Still, that creates tension for anyone honest working in it. It is hardly surprising that so many have fled, often to join the many Republicans who have come out against Trump from outside advantage. Though here and today political betrayal doesn’t risk the firing squad, that may not much change the tug between ambition, loyalty to one’s group, and other kinds of commitments.

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