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No virus more dangerous than stupid

April 7, 2020

A month before he went into the ICU with pneumonia from Covid-19, commenting on the measures then being started to prevent infection, Boris Johnson said:

I am shaking hands. I was at a hospital the other night where I think there were coronavirus patients and I was shaking hands with everybody, you will be pleased to know, and I continue to shake hands.

A Texas woman who claimed the virus is a media driven hoax now has died from it.

Nutters in England are setting cellphone towers ablaze motivated by some conspiracy theory involving Covid-19 and 5G.

A train engineer derailed his locomotive trying to crash the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Mercy, convinced that government measures related to Covid-19 have some ulterior purpose. Instead of rolling your eyes at that, you should look in a mirror, if you think Trump ever has identified a deep state hoax or if ever you gave some sympathy to the conspiracy theories related to Jade Helm or Pizzagate or QAnon.

Late entry: Yaakov Litzman, Israel’s health minister and leader of its United Torah Judaism party, has tested positive after ignoring his own lockdown rules to attend religious gatherings.

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