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The young, the old, and the deplorable

March 16, 2020

Candace Owens, a right-wing pundit, says the Covid-19 coronavirus is no great concern, because those it kills are mostly the old.

The elderly also are a favorite target of conmen. The BBC tracked down some of the thieves in India who run phone scams. One of them explained:

We used to target the old people. … There are many old people in the US who don’t have families, are alone and are disabled, so it’s very easy to trick them.

Next to the old and senile, a conman’s favorite prey is the young and stupid. Those are the usual victims of pyramid schemes, fraudulent universities, and the quick loan industry.

A healthy culture nourishes and educates the young, protects the old who are losing their capacities, and wrings the necks of conmen. Those of us in our good, middle years shoulder some of the burden for doing all of that. Even when it benefits the young and the old who are not our own relatives, some who are not even known to us. Alas, Americans now live in a culture where a large fraction idolize the conman.

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