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Impeachment: the con unbound

February 7, 2020

It was expected before impeachment was drawn that the Republican senators would prevent Trump’s conviction. The surprise is that one senator became the first in US history who voted to convict a president from his own party. Mitt Romney, the boy scout.

Trump takes from that experience not caution nor any reflection on what he might have done wrong, but that he successfully has put his party’s politicians through a test of loyalty. Which they passed, but one. That allows him leeway to proceed unchecked by law or process. And to seek revenge. He is punishing the citizens of New York, by removing their ability to enter the GOES program. I wonder how he will target California?

On the military side, Admiral Collin Green resigns, following former Navy Secretary Richard Spencer out the door, due to Trump’s interference in military justice. Again, a loyalty test.

Trump didn’t start this nation’s slide toward corruption. He benefits from and accelerates it. Americans now, strangely, just overlook the obvious conflict of interests in a president whose two sons run his large business interests, and whose daughter and son-in-law are government advisers, while running their own business interests. That is corruption, even if the businesses are entirely domestic. Which they aren’t.

Americans, once upon a time, wondered how people in foreign nations could support some of the more obviously corrupt regimes abroad. Now, they are learning what that feels like from the inside: that the “right” people at last are winning and the “wrong” ones are being targeted.

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