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Buried truths

September 5, 2019

This article on McKrae Game, a former leader of the evangelical movement to “cure” homosexuality, shows well how much those who fool others often first fool themselves. It is worth reading, whether or not you ever have been religious. Even those in that story one might see as innocent participate willingly in the fantasy. Such as his ex-wife, who also bought into what their religion was teaching as a basis for their marriage.

Eve Fairbanks writes about Confederate rhetoric, and how they painted themselves as the oppressed minority standing up for reason and freedom.

What often buries truth is desire. McKrae Game wanted to think his religion was teaching him how to live well. Confederates wanted to think their cause righteous and noble. Millions of Americans — not just Marianne Williamson — want to think their prayers and good thoughts can change the weather. None of them ever should be president, either.

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