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Fantasies and invasion

August 5, 2019

It is not a myth that the US is a nation of immigrants. In the decades prior to WW I, when anyone who wasn’t Chinese could enter, we took in twenty million immigrants, swelling our population to 99 million. Nothing like that is happening today. There is no possibility that the nations from central America could so swell our ranks in proportion, for the simple reason that they don’t have that many people.

Historians and sociologists are going to look back at this time, and puzzle over how and why the nativist fraction of the right wing became so convinced that we were endangered by an “invasion.” Part of it, of course, are media, like Fox News, and politicians, like Greg Abbott, who stir and succor that rage.

In a way, it is dumbfounding to hear that someone fears the “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” Texas was Hispanic long before it was independent. What exactly is it that those who fear that think is going to terribly change, if this state becomes somewhat more Hispanic? More Spanish spoken? More restaurants serving horchata? That is when authors like Ann Coulter and Patrick Buchanan start talking about changing culture. I will take the culture change from millions of central American immigrants over the culture change from those authors and their fans. It is their culture of hate that I oppose.

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