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Searching for the fountain of youth

July 3, 2019

Sirolimus (rapamycin) is an old immunosuppressant that continues to attract anti-aging researchers, who are finding it retards senescence in human skin cells.

And researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine have rejuvenated old mice with a single protein, eNAMPT, taken from the blood of young mice. (Cite.)

All of that is still in the speculative stage. There was some hope that metformin, a drug used in diabetes, might be a magical anti-aging drug. It increases the lifespan of every researcher’s favorite nematode. But a recent human study suggests it inhibits the benefits of exercise on mitochondria. (Cite.)

The tale that Ponce de Leon was searching Florida and the Bahamas for the fountain of youth came after his death. At the age of 47. Of course, enemy arrows kill people at any age.

Update: Scientific American posts a short overview of NAD research, noting the unproven benefit and possible relationship to cancer.

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