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American cowardice

July 1, 2019

It is difficult to read about the politics in Minnesota, reactionary to a small amount of immigration. This paragraph stands out:

Bob Carrillo, a former radio host who lives in St. Michael, Minn., and has gained prominence for his anti-immigrant stance, said Mr. Trump had given voice to the concerns of “longtime Minnesotans.” At a coffee shop in St. Cloud, Mr. Carrillo also set a framed picture of his white grandchildren on the center of the table, meant to amplify the emotional impact of his xenophobic thesis: that Muslims pose an existential threat to the safety of his family. “They’re 2 percent of the population right now, and in 5 to 10 years they’ll be at 5 percent,” Mr. Carrillo said. “At that point, we’re done for.”

And what do you say of a nation, where a third of the people would support a pre-emptive nuclear strike that kills millions of innocents? That also has the expected political alignment:

Answers were also influenced by political beliefs. While most respondents overall opposed military action against North Korea, the “majority of Trump supporters prefer the US strike in every scenario, except when confidence in the effectiveness of the US conventional strike is 50 percent”—and even then it remained at 44 percent as opposed to a mere 8 percent for non-supporters. Separately, those who backed the death penalty were actually more eager to inflict a higher death toll among North Korean civilians.

Those same folks will turn on a dime, and see no problem with Kim Jong-un’s growing nuclear arsenal, so long as he and their leader are sending each other love notes.

Cheers to Julián Castro, for calling out the racist tweet Donald Trump, Jr. made against Kamala Harris.

The sickness in this nation is deep. The cowards who fear a possible future where all of 5% of their neighbors are recent immigrants or Muslim have been fashioned into a neo-fascist movement goaded on by talk radio, right-wing internet pundits, and their own local groups. They have been schooled in the ways of birtherism and conspiracy theory. That happened before Trump came on the scene, and will not disappear when he is gone.

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