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Exxon predicted today’s warming three decades ago

May 21, 2019

Thirty two years ago, scientists at Exxon projected both atmospheric CO2 increase and global warming because of that. As with all such models, they recognized that such predictions depend on the choices people made. The one that turned out pretty spot on, both with regard to CO2 increase and consequent warming, was their:

..“high case” scenario, which assumed fossil fuel use would quicken and that the world would be able to tap new reserves in the late 2000s from at the time unreachable shale gas.

The politics of global warming is far more convoluted than the basic science of it. Scientists, including those working for the oil companies, in the contexts where those institutions want the straight dope, tell the unvarnished facts. Those facts aren’t palatable to the fossil fuel industry, which is running a one-time experiment driving earth’s climate to a state unknown during the evolution of our species. So that industry, in the context of marketing and lobbying, funds think tanks and economists and PACs to generate all sorts of doubt, from Pollyanna views of the consequences to outright nonsense about what is happening. Because of those efforts, there are large numbers of people who believe that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax. Indeed, that view now is a major part of right-wing politics in the US. For the benefit of the fossil fuel industry. Whose own scientists are not the least bit fooled by it.

If you’re fooled by it, you should ask yourself why.

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