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Seth Rich, redux

May 14, 2019

Until now, I had credited the conspiracy theories around Seth Rich’s murder to the general ability of the right wing’s media sphere to create and propagate those, and to its professional liars, such as Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones, and Sean Hannity. so it was interesting to read this article suggesting that the Russians boosted it. Seemingly, Seth Rich’s brother still is pursuing lawsuits against some of the slanderers named above.

The Russian hacking that has come to light all has been simple-minded and low tech. Any security expert would point out that it has worked nonetheless, and that is the nature of most hacking.

While Twitter bots have obvious political valence, there are all sorts of reasons that the internet is both increasing the use of bots, and increasing the need to distinguish bots from people. These days, I see captchas only when opening accounts. There is, of course, a difference between services identifying bots, and other internet users doing so.

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