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Identity politics

April 3, 2019

One of the largest cultural changes in the last century is that an individual’s identity is now tracked by the institutional memory of states and corporations. For the first century of our nation’s history, people would have viewed immigration control not just as undesirable, but as something strange and bureaucratic. Even though the bureaucratic maintenance of identity grew quite a bit in our nation’s second century, it was easy for crooks, like D. B. Cooper, and others to create a new identity. I have a close relative who did so. Today, those who want to lose their past can’t just move and change their name and start getting new paperwork. They also must worry about everything from their fingerprints in computerized databases to DNA. It’s not as easy as this article describes.

Thomas Friedman thinks the British went for Brexit because of immigrants from across the channel:

There are reportedly some 300,000 French citizens living in London, which would make it one of the biggest French cities in the world.

Oh, my, the wine swilling French! But London voted Remain. Strongly so. I wish we could get a tenth of that many French here in Corpus Christi. It would improve the bar scene, and might spice up the Wednesday night races. François Vivier should move here, for inspiration. (The Meaban, shown right, is one of his designs.)

Friedman is right about the stupidity being played out.

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