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All the president’s liars

November 29, 2018

Jerome Corsi helped spread the conspiracy theory that Seth Rich was murdered because he was the one who purloined emails from the DNC, where he worked. That was despicable slander of a dead man, fabricated from whole cloth. There now is evidence that Corsi knew that story was false at the time, and that he boosted it to distract from his own involvement with the Russian hackers who snatched that data. Making a despicable act all the more callous.

The media has been slow in figuring out how to handle a White House that spins a litany of lies. CNN has taken to fact-checking Sarah Sanders in real-time, as when she lied about the climate change report issued by the government.

Max Boot wonders why conservatives are global warming denialists. There is a sense in which he should wonder that. After all, conservation once was a conservative value. Nor does a belief in markets entail support for unmitigated external costs. He ponders:

I’ve owned up to the danger. Why haven’t other conservatives? They are captives, first and foremost, of the fossil fuel industry, which outspent green groups by 10 to 1 in lobbying on climate change from 2000 to 2016. But they are also captives of their own rigid ideology. It is a tragedy for the entire planet that America’s governing party is impervious to science and reason.

I think that is partly right. But it misses something important. The right wing is no longer conservative in the sense Max Boot is. They are not skeptics, who have looked at the evidence and concluded it falls short. They instead are denialists, who have gullibly accepted an assortment of political conspiracy theories about global warming. The measured warming is a hoax. The notion of global warming is a liberal conspiracy. Scientists support it only because of the money. (It took quite some chutzpah for those hired by fossil fuel think tanks to push that!)

It will be interesting to watch Max Boot’s political path as he comes more and more to realize the relationship between today’s right wing and these kind of conspiracy theories.

Update: NBC likewise has started bracketing Sarah Sanders so that her lies don’t get first billing.

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