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“We did have two maniacs.” Two?

November 2, 2018

Consider another typically Trumpian complaint: “We did have two maniacs stop a momentum that was incredible, because for seven days nobody talked about the elections.”

There are a few reasons that complaint causes recoil. First, there were three acts of right-wing terrorism splashed on the front pages that week. Not two. We can only guess which act Trump overlooks. My guess is that he isn’t all that concerned when the victims are black.

Second, of course, is that those acts of terorism did not stop talk about the elections. They focused it. On what relation there was between Trump’s own campaign of conspiracy theories and hate, and the motivations for those acts. They didn’t deflate his campaign as a distraction. They deflated it as a reminder.

There aren’t three maniacs discussed in this post. There are four.

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