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Rage at the immigrant

September 12, 2018

Authoritarian movements make their most dangerous step forward when they put patriotism to service against some enemy group, a group cast as a threat to the nation. That demonization was well in place on the right, when Trump saw how useful it could be in his grasp at power. Having grasped it, he is servicing that impulse. His administration now is deporting Vietnamese refugees who have lived here for decades, with what they thought was permanent status. Likewise, it is stripping citizenship from naturalized citizens. In its crack down, it is treating longtime immigrants with both brazen dishonesty and horrible cruelty.

None of that is normal for a liberal democracy. If it doesn’t appall you, the problem is not just your politics. ICE’s radicalization was done on purpose. At this point, I doubt it can be reformed into a government agency suited to this nation, in any fashion short of eliminating it and starting over.

Ezra Klein gives his take on how demographic changes in the US spurred the neo-fascist movement Trump rode to power. Erik Thompsom explains why Canada, where over 20% of the population is foreign born, manages to avoid what he labels the “liberal doom loop.”

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