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The value of the insider

September 6, 2018

You don’t have to agree with an author’s outlook or behavior to extract valuable information from their writing. Both David Frum and Rick Wilson (tweet) nail the failings of the anonymous writer of the NYT editorial. Given those claims, the author should resign and go public, not resist in private. His current behavior is self-serving and cowardly coverup of corruption, when the nation needs government officials with integrity taking a stand against it.

That said, the editorial is an important read. It corroborates details of the Trump administration’s dysfunction. These inside stories and Woodward’s book rule out a common excuse I see from some conservatives. That excuse is the notion that Trump is not actually as detached from reality and as cruel as he seems. He just puts on the public Trump persona because he knows that is how he attracts his base. Behind the scenes, he is competent and concerned.

What these accounts reaffirm is that the public Trump isn’t far from the private Trump. That should worry sensible Americans no end. The sad thing is that it also will motivate his base to reaffirm their loyalty.

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