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It’s your party, you can cry if you want to…

July 30, 2018

Long-time conservative writer George Will is encouraging his readers to vote the Democratic ticket this fall. Former Republican Governor Christine Whitman wants her fellow Republicans to demand Trump’s resignation. Conservative analyst Max Boot misses Obama. Conservative pundit Joe Scarborough delivers his own GOP delenda est. Republican Congressman and former CIA analyst Will Hurd accuses Trump of being under Putin’s thumb. Republican operative Steve Schmidt tweeted an angry resignation from the party for which he worked so hard. Conservative columnists David Brooks and Charlie Sykes have consistently opposed Trump on conservative grounds. Even Fox News has had to take notice of the number of conservatives opposing Trump. Jennifer Rubin thinks Trump has reached a tipping point.

I think Rubin is optimistic. The common characteristic to all those conservatives is that they feel blind-sided. Trump remains extremely popular among the Republican base. Not one of those named above has a good understanding of how a neo-fascist movement managed to grow uncontrolled in what they thought was their tidy home. We might welcome their decency, at fleeing when they saw the rise of political leaders who are deceitful and nativist and authoritarian and brutal. But I can’t credit their vision, until they come to grips with how it was they helped give birth to that. For most of them, that is quite a long journey, before they see some light. As with this nation, I fear.

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