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Old Americans, old bread

July 17, 2018

Texas State University archaeologists working at the nearby Gault site report stone tools that are thousands of years earlier and different technology from the Clovis people (cite):

This assemblage exhibits a previously unknown, early projectile point technology unrelated to Clovis. Within a wider context, this evidence suggests that Clovis technology spread across an already regionalized, indigenous population.

About the same time that the people who used those tools were enjoying central Texas, hunter-gatherers in Jordan were making flatbread. That, four thousand years prior to agriculture. Which makes perfect sense: before you bother to plant grain, you know why. (Cite.)

Archaeological evidence is sparse, and more sparse the older the time period. Scientists being conservative, they want the histories they tell to stick close to the evidence in hand. It still is the trend in archaeology that more evidence results in more complex histories, with dating of biological features, technological developments, cultural practices, and geographic spread pushed further and further back.

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