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Coffee and parrots, redux

July 9, 2018

Having just posted on animal intelligence, I now come across a new study on parrot brains, comparing the organization of their brain to the mammalian brain. It hardly is surprising that their intelligence evolved differently yet requires analogous brain structures. (Cite.)

And having just posted on the arterial benefits of caffeine, there now is a a new study suggesting that coffee drinkers live longer. (Cite.) The correlation is unrelated to caffeine, since it holds also for those who drink decaffeinated coffee. The study was prospective, followed a half-million people in Britain, and controlled for a variety of factors. That said, there’s a likelihood that it isn’t the coffee, but something to do with people who drink coffee. See my coming post on Bayes.

On the other hand, parrots like their coffee (youtube). And they have long lives…

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