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Abortion is safe

March 5, 2018

This needs to be repeated: abortion is safe. The author of that article seems to me too sanguine in explaining the cry otherwise as misunderstanding. Those morally opposed to abortion want to make it seem riskier than it is.

And new technology is making it safer, easier, and cheaper. That trend will continue.

There are reasons for late abortions. Nature is uncaring.

Pew data shows the expected relationship between views on abortion and religious belief. The notion that the earliest embryo deserves moral status requires some almost-magical view about what an embryo is or what goes into making it. But that poll shows some pleasant exceptions:

There are, however, cases where the views of a church’s members don’t align with its teachings on abortion. For instance, while the Roman Catholic Church is an outspoken critic of abortion, U.S. Catholics were divided on the issue in the 2014 survey, with 48% supportive of legal abortion and 47% opposed.

Many women who have abortions are conservative and pro-life. As with many things stereotyped, it feels different when the shoe is on your foot. Rebecca Traister takes on the right-wing narrative head on:

Forty years of anti-abortion forces aggressively applying the language of family, love, and morality to the embryo and the fetus, and rarely to the women who carry them, have forced women into a defensive crouch.

The scary thing about Republican Congressman Scott DesJarlais is not that his ex-wife and girlfriends have had abortions, but that he still is licensed to practice medicine. I hope that gets corrected.

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