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A common hypocrisy

October 11, 2017

It is easy to oppose abortion, as a matter of personal morality or also politically, until face-to-face with an unwanted pregnancy. Then, that very personal liberty matters in a way it never mattered before. A few times in my life, I have seen a religious woman, so opposed, but also so pregnant, make that choice she previously had opposed. The author of that article strikes me as the exception in one regard: the experience changed her views. Anti-abortion women who have an abortion often continue with their new, improved life and the same anti-abortion attitude they had prior. Though I don’t know of good data on that, by all accounts, it is a very common hypocrisy. People stereotype those who have abortions. They don’t see themselves in that situation. When they find themselves there, it is different, and then that freedom matters.

And yet, that doesn’t change their view.

Hypocrisy is uglier in politicians because they get to make the rules for all of us. Tim Murphy deserves condemnation. Not because he urged his mistress to do something he previously held to be wrong. It is ordinary that changed circumstances changes outlook. What makes Murphy despicable is that even after wanting an important freedom for her, he still would deny it to everyone else.

Congressman Trent Franks, who is pushing the 20-week abortion ban, gets schooled on fetal pain by an actual gynecologist and researcher.

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