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The Trump firehose

August 3, 2017

Mother Jones proposes that the constant lies from the Trump White House replicate Russian propaganda techniques identified by a Rand report (pdf):

Distinctive Features of the Contemporary Model for Russian Propaganda

1. High-volume and multichannel
2. Rapid, continuous, and repetitive
3. Lacks commitment to objective reality
4. Lacks commitment to consistency

If people like Bannon still are forming a large part of the Trump message, it’s easy to suspect some of that similarity is intentional. It’s worth keeping that model in mind, even if the resemblance is the coincidence of common purpose.

But, it doesn’t explain Trump’s own proclivity to lie about everything from who called him to his political agenda. Trump always has lied, facilely, constantly, and needlessly. He is the kind of guy who puts an entirely fake Civil War plaque on his golf course.

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  1. Laura permalink
    August 3, 2017 9:55 am

    From the article on the fake civil war monument there was a link to:

    So entitled old racist clueless white men, Trump and Sessions, are on a quest to not only make sure that “deserving” people get in college, on the merits, but also that “deserving” people immigrate here, on a merit-based system. I know it won’t happen, but if their dreams came true, perhaps the likes of Melania should not longer be allowed in and the likes of Jared will not longer be admitted to colleges that they are not qualified, on the merits, to attend. I suppose they will make sure there is a giant loophole: you can buy your entry here (we already have that, people buy green cards that cost more or less depending on where you come from, not on your merits), and you can buy admittance to college (self-evident)

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